The Langkawi Mangrove Wedding Portraits


Part of the tourist attraction in Langkawi is the Mangrove Tour that operates at around the edge of sea intersecting the salt, and fresh water which form the Langkawi Mangrove. With a little planning, wedding portraits could look stunning

The Langkawi Mangrove situated approximately 30 minutes drive from the Kuah Town with many local operators offering guided tour for eagle watching, sight seeing and a chance to just be a part of mother nature.


The tall standing trees, floating on the bed of green streams makes a great natural backdrop for the adventurous couple who seeks a little different in their wedding portraits. The pearing sunbeams in between trees, and the reflections of the stream is simply picturesque.

Although the setting may be picturesque, a portfolio would go south looking cheesy if it is not executed tastefully. An experience photographer would be able to produce a set of portfolio that would be compelling and timeless. A great way how one would want to remember their wedding.


With a little help from a local mangrove tour guide, one could plan a photography escape at the mangrove. Start early in the day, where the right tide and lesser crowd. Morning sunbeams are usually more dramatic. Lights are more balance, making photography a little easier to execute.

So, are you ready to hop on to a boat for photographs?