10 years of Weddings at the Four Seasons Langkawi

10 years is pretty significant. It’s a turn of a decade, and people celebrate a decade. Here, at Jon Low Studios, Langkawi Weddings, we celebrate 10 years of Four Seasons Langkawi.


These photographs were taken during all these 10 years of us going back to Four Seasons in Langkawi. We love how our portfolio grew and mature together with such an iconic location in Langkawi.

When we say photography has a way of retaining memories, we meant it. It preserves memories of what its was, and reminds us how it is right now. I’ve witness a transformation of a place that hosted many smiles. From the bright orange wall, to now the iconic blue. From wedding trends popular in the 2009, to now 2019.

From the younger celebrant, to the 2019 evergreen celebrant. To the younger 10 years ago me, to a more grey hair, wider me today. This post jogs me down memory lane to how we were then, and how we are now.

Emily & Gavin

As long as I could remember, this would be probably be our first wedding shoot that we’ve done with Four Seasons in Langkawi. Photographs were taken in 2009. For one who got married 2009, 2019 is their 10th year anniversary from their wedding. So, happy 10th anniversary Emily and Gavin.





The Resort buyout

Four Seasons saw some of the biggest wedding celebrations in Langkawi. The resort got bought up to host a 3 days long wedding that we had the honour to be part of.

That bright orange wall

We photographed Fiona and Ricky’s pre wedding while being hosted at Four Seasons. If you are visiting Four Seasons today in 2019, you will notice that the majority of photographs in this wedding post has orange bright wall. These walls had a make over, which resulted to the iconic blue Four Seasons that you’ll see today.

Fiona &


Carlyne & Kenny

The resort features many location to host the ceremony. All depending on workflow and the client’s preferences. This was a wedding we shot where the ceremony was hosted at the Rhu bar overlooking the Andaman sea.

Make up artist : Skin Bridal

Gudrun & Jokull

We’ve met people coming as far as Iceland to plan their destination wedding in Langkawi. Gudrun & Jokull are one of the couple that we’ve photograph while they were hosting their small party from Iceland.

The Great Gatsby

This wedding must have been photographed after the movie The Great Gatsby aired. The style has been brought back to live after the movie was released. Still loving the style now in 2019. This should be an evergreen look for weddings I reckon.

Jess & Jin Kiat

This particular wedding is a little close at heart. A high schoolmate that got married in Four Seasons Langkawi. What’s not to love? I photographed Jess & Jin Kiat as friend and a photographer at the same time, juggling 2 hats. Not easy, but it turns out to be one of my favourite portfolio shot at the Four Seasons.

The British Invasion

The Brits too hosted their wedding at the resort.

Four Seasons

I’ve got the opportunity to get to know some people working with Four Seasons so many years. Some has left for new ventures whilst others still keeping the fight going on. From people that I have met, Jesse Lim, Aidi, Nora, Yeti, Vatsala, Kaneko, Vajenthi and the many years of photographing the celebrant that I never knew his name (I’ll make sure I’ll do the next time I meet him), to many vendors that’ve met all these years. Thank you for being part of the picture. If I haven’t mention you, I probably having a fish out of a water moment when I met you. 😉

To the next 10 years

This is a long post. I am quite positive that we have more portfolios in our archives but 10 years is a long time to feature all of them, especially when reading this post sober.

We have love the 10 years on board with FS Langkawi. Cheers to the next 10 years!



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