7 Ways to Rock a Beach Wedding

We like to think Rocking a Wedding is something we refer to as really indulging in a wedding you put out to organise, rather than stuck running errands on the wedding day! We think destination weddings like this is perfect to let loose, unwind and have some fun.

It is massive work organising one. But, that’s organising it. On the wedding day itself. LET’S ROCK IT!

So we think we give you 7 quite obvious tips to help you ROCK your beach wedding in Langkawi.

01. Wear smart and comfortable outfit.

When we say casual smart. they have to look good. There is something nice about nicely dress people in photos.

It’s usually hot and humid, with a slight sea breeze from the Andaman Sea. So, dress light. If layering up, keep it thin, like opting a vest, rather than a full suit. A sundress, than a gown. Keep it casual smart.

Dress apart. Our gorgeous brides were rocking some of the most interesting wedding gowns when we shoot in Langkawi. Look it up on our Real Wedding pages. I personally like Jin Kiat and Jess one. Jess is rocking her vintage Great Gastby 1920s gown.

If you are rocking a vail, make sure the vail is tight to your head. Bridesmaid chasing vail makes interesting photos, makes the wedding memorable, and fun. Only problem is, don’t think anyone wants that to happen….

Here at Langkawi Weddings, we aren’t fashion police, 😉 Post us your comment what  looks good which fits smart and comfortable!

02. Flats or high heels with flat base.

Or, your *I LOVE IT VERY MUCH. I MUST WEAR IT ON MY WEDDING DAY* stilettos. Just bear in mind that when walking on the beach, may be just a tad challenge when the heels sink in. Most bride don’t really mind ;).

03. Start at the right time

Anything too early, you find that your guest are soaking hot in the sun. Anything too late, you would miss the sunset, and you would miss the best light for photography. Heck, you might be rushing for the reception dinner!

Langkawi’s sunset is one of those sunsets that time perfectly between the wedding ceremonies, and the wedding reception dinner. Usually, the local wedding planner will have a good idea when to start. After all, they know when the sunrises and sets. Unless the wedding planner tells you otherwise, it’s pretty okay to have your guest arriving at 5.30pm, and have your ceremony starts at 6pm, and ending by 6.20pm.

If it’s a religious ceremony, and usually it takes longer, perhaps starting a little earlier helps. We usually get really great light by 6.30pm, and have enough time to do some family formals, bridal party photographs before the sun completely gone.

04. Make use of the beach for photos

Like, you have the whole beach. Why stick to having photography done by the isle or in front of the ceremony? Use the space. We personally love huge clean space for photography. Makes the portraits stands out great.

05. Have fun with the Bridal Party

Let loose and have some fun with your bridal party. We love to take some photos after the ceremonies, goofing around…… I mean, timeless goofs… Sorry, no T-Rex chasing after the bridal party photos.

06. Dance like there isn’t tomorrow.

Rock the party literally with great music with dance floor or on the sand.
Relive the kid in all of us. Dancing in the sand, can be fun. Messy but fun. Take off your shoe, and feel the sand. Live the day, it’s yours!

07. and finally..Plan B, … and how to rock it.

You know, rocking a wedding means realising what matters to us most. If I were to host a wedding, having the closest family and friends are my top priority.

We do our best to plan the wedding of the year, sometimes, there are elements which are beyond our control. Unfortunately, Langkawi is a mixture of dry and wet island… and sometimes, not always, it rains… so Plan B is essential… just in case.

It’s disappointing for sure, if we need plan B executed, but lets rock the wedding with what is really important in a wedding. Your family and friends, are with you having a time of their lives. I think, at the end of the day, we sleep happier that way.

Jon Low