Langkawi Weddings

We had an itch, and decided to scratch it.

We are a team of photographers base in Kuala Lumpur and travelled to Langkawi countless time in the span of the last 7 years for work and leisure… Mostly work… but we find leisure while we work.


The idea of setting up a new website came quite naturally as we have been returning to the island. We have plenty of work to showcase plus some tales to gossip about. We had an itch, and decided to scratch it. And, the plan is to return to Langkawi many more times, for new tales, new stories, new videos and new photos. Hence, is born.


Lets try to start something here. We write something interesting, and if you like it, share it around, comment on it, and give us many many many facebook likes. That makes us happy, and makes us want to tell you more stuff.

We solely rely on your goodwill to run this website. If you are planning a wedding and you think you like what you see in this website, do enquire about our award winning photography studio & cinematography so your wedding can be forever immortalize.



Jon Low Studios

We are a photography house specializes in Wedding Day & Wedding Portrait photography, and our portfolio consist of weddings and portraits from all around the world….. and Langkawi.


Base in Kuala Lumpur since 2007, our team of photographers travels to create some of the finest photography work in the region for the newly weds. Jon is a member of WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographer International), and have since score numerous accolades and 2nd placing in Bride/Groom Alone category.


Jon hosted a series of workshop titled “Road to Finesse” has been inspiring photographer and peers. Jon was invited to be International Speaker for WPPP Congress 2013(Wedding & Portrait Photographer Philippines) in June 2013.


Jon is Key Opinion Leader with Samsung Malaysia. His contribution of articles related to photography is available at


Jon is available for wedding & portraits photography on home ground and abroad. Book an appointment with us today @


On off duty, Jon can be spotted shooting photograph for fun when he travel.