Spend time on portraits on a wedding day

Capturing memorable and stunning photographs is one of the most important aspects of a wedding day. Especially a destination wedding to Langkawi that you’ve plan for. The portraits are especially important because they preserve the memories of the bride, groom, and their loved ones. Here is how you can spend time for photography on a wedding day:

Plan Ahead


Meeting with me and my team is crucial for a successful wedding photography and videography engagement. We go through minute to minute pre-visualizing your wedding day so we can get everyone to everywhere they need to be on the wedding day itself. This allow us to discuss your preferences when comes to portrait photography, because spending a good 30 minutes just on couple portraits changes the entire portfolio

Allocate Sufficient Time



Allocate enough time for the portrait session. This will give you ample time to capture the perfect shots without feeling rushed or pressured. Typically, we will suggest 30 minutes to an hour for the portrait session. We should not do less, nor should we go beyond as there will be wedding guest that you would love to attend to. It’s not a hollywood production, yet, it’s an intimate wedding, we do the balancing act together.

Choose the Right Time



The lighting and ambiance of the wedding venue are crucial factors in creating stunning portraits. Choose the right time for the portrait session, preferably during the golden hour, which is the hour before sunset or after sunrise. This means that planning the wedding ceremony goes hand in hand with that. Work the timing backwards. Here in Langkawi, weddings are often hosted at 5:45pm , or 6pm depending on couple. Anytime earlier, the sun would bake all of us, anytime too late, we will have less time for portraits after.

Be Creative


There are classics, where we understand the art of posing wedding couples. Which we often do, so we have these photos, but be creative and experiment with different poses and angles with us. Our portfolio are mixtures of candid moments, posed and a little play acting so that we can create a portfolio that is just you.

Here is a pro tip.


Plan an activity even before the wedding when travelling to Langkawi. Be it a cruise, an outdoor hike, a bicycle tour – our casual portraiture before the wedding will have you remember your wedding through real moments and activities.

What to Expect?


It is important to capture the perfect shots, it is equally important to enjoy the moment and create a relaxed atmosphere. Remember, the wedding day is a celebration of love and happiness, and the photographs should reflect that.

By following these tips, you can spend time on portraits on a wedding day and create stunning and memorable photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Jon Low