Styling a wedding at The Four Seasons Langkawi

The Four Seasons, Langkawi

Four Seasons Langkawi is a luxurious resort located in the beautiful island of Langkawi in Malaysia, which is an ideal destination for a dream wedding. The resort hosted variety of wedding styles, including traditional Malay style, Chinese Tea Ceremonies, Indian ceremonies, Western style, or a combination of different ethnicity across the globe.

Prepping a wedding at the Four Seasons Langkawi

The wedding planners will work with the couple to create a customized wedding package that includes everything from the venue to the catering, flowers, and decorations.

The dry season, which lasts from December to March, is the best time for a wedding at Four Seasons Langkawi, as it offers sunny and warm weather with low humidity, making it the perfect time for an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception; except that occasional rain would fall because after all, it is still Malaysia, and weather on the island is unpredictable.

Chinese Tea Ceremony at The Royal Villa

If you are wondering how your potential Tea Ceremony, or your gathering will look like at The Royal Villa at The Four Seasons, we have photographs. The living hall of the Royal Villa was converted to host the traditional tea ceremony of a wedding, where the elders were seated in front of decorations setup by the couple and their family. The living hall is spacious, especially when we relocated some tables to make way for the setup to work. This is how The Royal Villa Dinning Area is utilised for tea ceremony at The Four Seasons.

Fitting a family group photo at the Royal Villa, Four Seasons Langkawi

How to fit an entire family in a group photo at The Royal Villa at The Four Seasons, Langkawi

Brian & Nicole having a moment at the beach in front of The Royal Villa facing the The Andaman Sea. This is how both Chinese Traditional attire stands out in contrast of a beach setting here at The Four Seasons. If you ask us, we think it’s timeless.

Chinese Tea Ceremony at The Beach Villa

We have shot many weddings where they were hosted at the Beach Villa at The Four Seasons. Many tea ceremony took place at the villa itself, as the villa is capable to host a small family as they walk through the traditions of introducing the family members to the newly weds.

Here at the Beach Villa, the veranda is utilise to host the infamous getting the bride games and rituals before the tea ceremony itself.

How to fit an entire family in a group photo at The Royal Villa at The Four Seasons, Langkawi

Chinese Tea Ceremony at the


The Three Bedroom Villa is also a popular villa to host a family’s tea ceremony with plenty of space for the tradition to take place.

Wedding Details at the Four Seasons Langkawi

We had a field time photographing these preparations done by the wedding couples.


From their vows booklet, their invitation cards, wedding rings and the little wedding details that’s special to themselves. Here are some of the wedding details that we incorporated with The Four Seasons Langkawi

The Ceremony

by the beach at The Four Seasons, Langkawi

The wedding of Joanne & Dhruv

The wedding of Joanne & Dhruv was held in front of the Rhu Bar, overlooking the Andaman Sea. The location is suited well for weddings that happen around the beach villas as they are very much nearby to get to the ceremony area after getting ready.

The wedding of Nicole & Brian

The wedding ceremony is held in front of The Royal Beach Villa overlooking The Andaman Sea. As much as The Four Seasons a private property, wedding hosted in front of The Royal Villa gives even more privacy and intimacy to the wedding as it is far from the rest of the resort. We, Langkawi Weddings have documented elopement weddings here over at The Royal Villa.

Ikan Ikan by the sunset dinner

Primary hosting local Malaysian Cruisine, Ikan Ikan hosted some of our international wedding guest during wedding reception like this. Check out the photos

Kelapa Grill Sunset Dinner

Kelapa Grill sunset dinner allows the continuation of a beach wedding where the dinner is hosted on the beach accompanying the Four Seasons Sunset. If we are lucky with the weather, the sunset, which then follows by dining with the stars.

Serai Reception Dinner

Here is how it looks like hosting your wedding dinner at The Serai @ The Four Seasons.

Custom Tent

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