Styling a wedding at the St. Regis Langkawi

Styling a wedding at the St. Regis Langkawi


Chinese Tea



St. Regis Langkawi

Monique & Chris hosted a simple tea ceremony a day before the wedding. It’s a simple affair with simple decoration hosted at the bridal suite. Simple traditional red symbol glued on the bridal suite’s wall, and the backdrop where the tea ceremony is hosted. St. Regis’ own room styling compliments the high end feel to the ceremony.

Personal Touch

We had a field time photographing these preparations done by the wedding couple. We love the little vow books that they use to write their vows in. We love the gifts that they prepared for each other. The hand bouquet fits so well with Monique’s bridal gown. Each and every item in their wedding details compliments their personality and compliments the entire wedding day’s setup

The Ceremony

by the St. Regis lawn

Weddings at the St. Regis typically starts at about 5pm with the arrival of guest, with the bridal possession at approximately 5:30pm. Here are some photographs taken of the wedding setup @ The St. Regis lawn.

The Wedding Reception Dinner

at the St. Regis bar

The indoor setup at the St. Regis bar. The gold plated Tiffany chairs on white table cloth finishing with gold table top setups complimenting with flowers. Check out these photographs.

Check out Monique & Chris’ Portfolio here, together with the rest of St. Regis’ wedding that we photographed.

Jon Low