Wedding Photography: The best book you would ever own – 2020

Wedding Photography: The best book you would ever own – 2020


There is something nice about a physical printed album. What more, if it’s a wedding album. Flipping through pages of photographs has a different tactile feeling than flipping through photographs in a computer or a phone. And that completes the entire wedding photography experience.


That’s what we wrote last year. And still feel the same about physical printed album. More so, a wedding album. We photographed Lina & Waleed and made a video how we package up the wedding album for delivery. Check out the video above.




Here is a mock up of the wedding album layout that we designed for Lina & Waleed.

Our contemporary album is 12×12 inches in dimension, with 50 pages to fill the entire wedding day. This size fits right at home when placed casually on a coffee cup table and easy to handle as it is not too big, and not too heavy.

How do we photograph a wedding at Four Seasons Langkawi

In my previous post, we showcase this video to how we photographed Lina & Waleed’s wedding at The Four Seasons Langkawi. I am linking it up here if you haven’t check it out.

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I’ve made a tutorial how we do a slideshow for wedding days base on Lina & Waleed’s portfolio

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