Langkawi Weddings

We are Langkawi Weddings. We are a team of Photographers specialising in Weddings and Portraits Photography.

We create wedding photographs which are artistic whilst retaining the real you.

Our photos are warm, light hearted, slightly posed and a lot moments which unfolds whilst you are in front of our camera. The experience is pleasant, non intrusive.


Everything about documenting your memory together, we will do it together, including braving the Langkawi hot weather together.


That’s what we do.

Wedding Day Photography

We photograph the preparations, the ceremonies and the reception dinner. Our photographs are made out of a mixture of moments which unfolds during your wedding day, with tastefully directed portraits in between.

Engagement Photography

Arrange an engagement photography session with us during your site visit to Langkawi. We make lovely photographs of both you even before your wedding day to decorate your website, your home wall, and your on your wedding day. Let’s plan something together.

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    Our Work

    The best way to check out our portfolio is to walkthrough the behind the scene how we create them picture from picture from the moments by moments that happen on a wedding day. We have some interest videos to plan your wedding better. Check it out:

    More of Jon Low’s photography work at

    Langkawi is a such a great space to create new experiences for wedding couple. We recently hop on a yacht to find out if the experience could be customised for pre wedding portraits. After being on board, and experience this first hand, together with the boat owners, we have crafted an experience for us to take the boat out for pre wedding sessions for photography and videography. It will be epic!...

    Hey there, gorgeous brides-to-be!Are you envisioning a beach wedding against the enchanting backdrop of Langkawi's pristine beaches? You're on track for an unforgettable experience! Beach weddings, especially in a dreamy destination like Langkawi, come with their own set of considerations. So, to ensure your seaside nuptials are as smooth as the sandy shores, here are our top 5 tips for a flawless walk down the aisle. ...

    The island of Langkawi, has plenty of hidden location that is just perfect for portraits. It's vast greeneries of a tropical country of what we Malaysians are fond of with the mixture of waterfalls, beaches and rivers that is Langkawi in an island....

    Langkawi is a beautiful island in the state of Kedah, Malaysia. It's a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, lush forests and picturesque landscapes. For photography soon to be newly weds, Langkawi offers plenty of opportunities to capture stunning shots. Here are some of the best photo spots to create your wedding photographs in Langkawi:...

    Have you seen a wedding at The Crystal Creek? Neither did I! Until I photograph the amazing Laura & Andris of Latvia. That was the first wedding, hosted by The Datai, over at The Crystal Creek. My favourite part of The Datai. ...

    The Datai Langkawi recently hosted Alia Bastamam, a renowned fashion designer from Malaysia. The collaboration between The Datai and Alia Bastaman was a perfect blend of luxury and fashion....